Remembering Poppy Mountain

Allie Tabor’s life finally seems to be moving in a positive direction. She loves her job as marketing director of Degano Wines, USA, headquartered in Napa Valley, California. Her boss, the handsome Francesco Degano, has just proposed, and they are only waiting for his parents’ arrival from Italy to announce their engagement. The past four years have been difficult ones for Allie. When her mother Gina was diagnosed with cancer, Allie chose to return to California to care for her rather than going to England with Jamie McKenzie, the man she loved. Everything changes when Allie opens a letter that shatters her world.

Remembering Poppy Mountain will transport you from the wild, hippie days of the 1960s to the lavish world of premier wine production in the 1990s. Travel with Allie to the East Coast to Los Angeles and to the Pacific Northwest as she seeks answers to the mystery that may change her life. In the process of her search, she must also decide with which of two men she wants to spend her life. This is a story that will delight your senses, intrigue your mind, and touch your heart.

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Excerpt from Remembering Poppy Mountain

The morning glistened with uncharted possibilities. Gina guided the VW van through the forested valleys of rural Sonoma County. Finally she pulled over to read a number sign and turned into a dirt parking area filled with an assorted collection of trucks, vans, and cars plastered with stickers proclaiming: Make Love Not War, Power to the People, Tune In-Turn On-Drop Out, I Brake for Unicorns, Don’t Worry, Be Happy. “This is it. I’m positive,” Gina said as she turned off the van’s engine.