Choosing To Be Well

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could schedule our health issues the way we do enrolling in school or getting married? We would only have health problems when we were financially stable and ready to cope with them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. Health problems often seem to come out of the blue when we are least expecting them and not at all ready for them.

In Choosing to Be Well, you will read the stories of people struggling to cope with health problems:

  • Susan, who was diagnosed with uterine cancer in the midst of marital problems and her daughter’s rebellion.
  • Jason, whose stressful career as a producer led to a variety of symptoms from rashes to hair loss.
  • Cindy, who realized during her interview with me that the onset of her chronic bronchitis came at the same time she discovered that her husband was having an affair.

Their stories and all those you will read in Choosing to Be Well inspire by showing how these people overcame their own blocks to taking care of themselves and found the keys they needed for better health.

Whatever your age and current state of health, Choosing to Be Well can help you discover how you can be healthier. You can feel better in your body and throughout your whole being. I offer a four-step approach that can be applied to nearly any health problem. These steps are not intended to move you to some mythical land of permanent, perfect wellness. Read more . . .

Praise for Choosing To Be Well

“Choosing to Be Well by Haven Logan, Ph.D. is a gold mine of compassionate information for anyone seeking greater health. I adore how Ms. Logan rejects the idea of new age guilt that we cause our illnesses yet helps us look within to identify negative patterns and beliefs that may be causing us to make choices that don't support our best health. This is a great resource and a book you will turn to again and again.”
Jennifer Louden, author of The Women’s Comfort Book

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